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PortXL Singapore announces new participants for 2020 program

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

PortXL - the world’s first port and maritime accelerator -

launches its second program in Singapore with the addition of great local and foreign companies.

The selected startups embark on a 12 months journey on the restructured Launch and Land program. Strengthening the growing innovation ecosystem in the maritime, logistics and energy industries.

A special thank you to our partners in Singapore, Enterprise Singapore, RINA, and August One, who support us throughout the journey and ensure the sustainability of our program.

Congratulations for the selected startups bringing solutions for the ports, maritime, energy, logistics and related sectors by improving sustainability, digitalisation, security and the overall transformation of our industry.

PortXL 2020:

Online CRM platform with eBooking and negotiation features that aims to connect forwarders and airlines in a shared marketplace.

AI-powered software platform with deep technology, built to automate key aspects of risk protection and allow businesses to get the right insurance at the correct price.

Digital Shipping Marketplace and Transportation Platform, that provides instant data and e-mail processing, instant Cargo-to-Ship matching, freight trading and contract management, digital documentation flow, freight finance and supply chain management solutions.

OCR and text mining solution with proprietary deep technology approach to read and interprets documents just as a human would. Instant, accurate data extraction and document processing means that businesses can substantially automate their workflows and reduce reliance on human data entry.

Innovative Technology for cleaning up bottom sediments from oil products, chemicals and microplastics.

Uniquely designed, long-lasting and reliable energy storage solution for the utility and renewable energy industry. The PowerCube comprises of unique features such as independent power and energy, constant performance over 25 years and environmentally friendly technology.

Supervised autonomy solutions for robots in unstructured applications (Logistics, Service, Delivery) with robust algorithms for real-time teleoperation and error handling/diagnostics.

Eqcentric makes it really easy for software companies to push and get data from multiple industrial maintenance systems at once - via one, simple API.

Additive Manufacturing services to solve complex design and manufacturing challenges.

Platform connecting ship owners with shipyards across Indonesia, providing an easy way to find vessel vendors.

Real time trade documentation platform for cross border trade.

Provides aerial transportation services with its proprietary drones, that can deliver 100kg payloads over 100km, to ships and offshore platforms.

The command centre for security control rooms that optimises threat detection from identification to dispatch.

PortXL Singapore Alumni:

Machine Learning platform to predict cargo flows and make supply chains dynamic. The technology combines diverse data-sets to enable logistics companies and manufacturers to improve profitability through demand forecasting and real-time container tracking.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics driven Intelligent Energy Cloud platform for smart cities and systems with distributed energy resources. Their cutting edge technology allows integration and in-depth analysis of various IoT devices and energy assets, to ensure system efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Enterprise SaaS Logistics Resource Management platform for digitalisation, cost reduction, process improvement, tracking & analysis, and accountability & audit.

Confined space drone inspection with AI-enhanced visual, Non-destructive testing, free from GPS dependency, unaffected by radio or magnetic interference. Making inspections safer, faster and more economical.

Digital platform for curation, aggregation and matching of maritime launch boat services.

Machine Vision algorithm for underwater 3D analytics for ports and maritime infrastructure.

Maritime software to help Ship Owners and Managers operate their vessels safely and efficiently. The Compliance Suite, and the SeaRM360 suite were launched to support top management in decision making.

End-to-end shipping interface for digital freight forwarding and customs brokerage.

Lightweight transponder system for tracking and monitoring of small-scale marine vessels.

Interested in becoming a partner of the program or participate in the program, please reach out to us!

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